No one saaw it comming, as Big Brother Naija is full of supprises.

To add a twist to the game, Big Brother Naija has announced that 2 of the evicted housemate, will make a return.

The question now is- Will they return as real housemates who stand a chance of competeing for the grand prize of 45 million Naira, or will they be brought back in, as fake Housemates.

Housemates who were either evicted or were disqualified from the Big Brother House include, KBrule, Dee-One, Vandora, Ahneeka, Angel, Princess, Leo, Ifu Ennada, Bitto, Khloe aned even Anto who just got evicted, this Sunday, March 18, 2017.

Which pair do you think will make it back into the house? Which pair do you think is worthy?, and what role will they play when they get back into the house?

These are questions that would be answered in the comming weeks.