First it was Miracle who got immunity from eviction for being the Head Of House, for last week, even thouth there were no evictions.

Now his love interest, Nina, has been saved by Big Brother himself, who has granted her and her strategic partner Teddy A immunity from being up for eviction.

Big Brother earlier in the week, gave house mates the task to select two of their best pairs in the house.

The pairs are Cee-C and Lolu-CeeLo, Tobi and Alex-Tolex, Angel and Annekah-Gelah, Ifu Ennada and Leo-Lifu   Bam Bam and Rico Swavey-Bamco, TeddyA and Nina-Tena, Miracle and Anto-Mito.

After all the voting, Teddy A and Nina had the highest votes,and won the best pair in the Big Brother house, and their reward was announced by Big Brother as immunity.

After the announcement, there was also the Head Of House preliminary games, which had Tobi, Miracle, Cee-C and Anto qualify for the finals of the Head Of House game on Monday, February 26.

Big Brother's Double Wahala house is full of surprises.