Except for Head Of House, Khloe and Kbrule, no one is really safe from Biggie.

Even after making the housemates nominate other pairs for eviction, Biggie showed them who is really in charge as he's thrown a spanner into the eviction nomination.

Due to their bad manners and disregard for Big Brother's House rules, everyone was punished by not being spared from eviction.

All but Khloe and her partner K.Brule, who was safe because of her Head of House status, are now up for possible eviction.

Khloe was allowed to save one pair, and she chose LeoLex.

Do you think two or four housemates will be evicted? Also, who do you think will leave the #BBNaija house this Sunday, February 18?

Angelifu, Bamteddy, Cebi, Loto, Mina, Pritto, Rineeka and Van-Dee are up for possible eviction this week.

Even though it does not really matter now, here is how they voted:

CeBi(Cee-C/Tobi) – VanDee & LoTo

Mina(Miracle/Nina) – BamTeddy & LoTo

VanDee(Vandora/Dee One) – MiNa & CeBi

PriTo(Princess/Bitto) – CeBi & MiNa

RiNneka(Rico/Ahnneka) – MiNa & LoTo

BamTeddy(Bam Bam/Teddy A) – MiNa & LoTo

LoTo(Lolu/Anto) – CeBi & MiNa

LeoLex(Leo/Alex) – Angleifu & MiNa

Angelifu(Angel/Ifu enada) – CeBi & MiNa

KSquared(Khloe/KBrule) – CeBi & VanDee