The nominations were just a joke.

Biggie plans to 'send' 2 pairs of house mates home from a pair of 5 housemates, which means 4 people stand a chance of pretentiously, going home in this first eviction.

Biggie gave each pair just 45 seconds to suggest two pairs of housemates  for possible eviction.

Lolu and Anto nominated, Angel and Ifu, KBrule and Khloe

Bitto and Princess nominated, Teddy A and BamBam, KBrule and Khloe

Vandora and DeeOne nominated; Angel and Ifu, Lolu and Anto

Rico and Ahneeka nominated:Miracle and Nina,Bitto and Princess

KBrule and Khloe  nominated:Bitto and Princess,Miracle and Nina

Leo and  Alex nominated: Angel and Ifu,Bitto and Princess

Teddy and BamBam nominated: KBrule and Khloe, Miracle and Nina

Miracle and Nina nominated: KBrule and Khloe, Angel and Ifu

Angel and Ifu Ennada nominated: KBrule and Khloe, Leo and Alex

Tobi and Cee-C nominated: Bitto and Princess,Lolu and Anto

Then Big Brother gave just 20 seconds to the reappointed Head of House, Tobi, to use his veto to save and replace one of the pairs up for Eviction or risk forfeiting his immunity.

Tobi chose to save Miracle and Nina over Bam Bam and Teddy A.

The housemates up for eviction are:

1. Khloe and K. Brule

khloe and kbrule

2. Angel and Ifu Ennada

ifu enada and angel

3. Bitto and Princess

princess and bitto

4. Lolu and Anto

anto and lolu

5. Teddy A and Bam Bam

bam bam and teddy a

It looks like nobody is going home, but let's wait, and see what Big Brother has up his sleeves.