The Big Brother Naija show may be over, but the bad blood between housemates is far from over.

Alex and Nina were undoubtedly one of the closest friends in the Big Brother Naija house, especially given the fact that they knew each other before the show. But it appears that the friendship has hit rocky grounds in the wake of their exit from the house.

The BBNaija finalists were guests at Beat FM on the Mid-day Show with Toolz and in the middle of a question and answer session, it was revealed that all was not well between Alex and Nina.

Toolz had probed Alex on whom she had bad blood with when she suddenly let loose that Nina had been giving her "attitude since their exit from the house."

"I have a problem with Nina, she has been giving me attitude since we left the house saying I was not a true friend but I had Nina's back in the house," Alex started.

According to Alex, Nina has been cold towards her since their exit from the house, a move she feels is totally uncalled for given how much she had Nina's back in the house.

But Nina, on her part, insists that Alex hurt her deeply after she watched some clips from the house. According to Nina, some of Alex's action towards her were questionable.

Whether the pair will work out their differences remains to be seen, for now however, there's no love lost between the pair.