It's 3 days to Big Brother Naija 3 - Africans and fans of the show across the world will be entertained for about 3 months.

So, as we await the launch of the show, here are 4 groups of housemates that we expected to bring us the unexpected.

1. The Fake Ones

Like in season 2, there will be housemates who claim to know everything.

They will also use fake accents  for the competition and only have eyes for themselves.

These kind of housemates often talk bad about other competitors.

But their 'evil deeds' bring drama and dynamism so they normally stay longer than viewers expect.

Gifty, with her cringe-worthy accent, is an example of such housemates from the second season.

2. The Humble Ones

Humility keeps these ones in the house for along time, and sometimes it gets them evicted early.

Some contestants have inspiring stories of how they have survived through difficult times and use these kind of stories to win viewers over.

In some cases, they are considered boring and voted out as soon as possible.

Other times, viewers love and keep them till the finals.

Efe and Bisola are two examples from the second season. Efe came from the back streets of Jos, Plateau state, while Bisola never hid her status as a confident single mum.

big brother naija 3

3. The Special Ones

Every year, some of the housemates who make it into the house are talented people, who use their ingenuity to keep viewers engaged.

They could turn out to be humble or even fake, but their talent shines through.

Bisola, Tripple T and Debbie-Rise fall into this category.


4. The Dramatic Ones

These ones are just in there to create drama. They are bossy, confrontational and outspoken about their beliefs.

They are occasionally involved in physical confrontations, which adds to the intrigue in the house.

Uriel and TBoss, fit into this category, as they were the official divas in the house, during season 2.

The third season of Big Brother Naija is set to kick off on Sunday, January 28, are you ready?