Double Wahala indeed!

The excitement has truly been there as the plot thickened.

This year's edition of the #BBNaija reality show may be inching to a close but the unpredictable nature of the organisers suggests there is more to come.

When we thought the housemates would be consolidating on the lessons learnt and trying to earn more votes, Cee-C has other ideas.

Her sweet sour affair with Tobi whom she kissed quite passionately at some point in the show had a memorable chapter on Wednesday.

Here are 4 mistakes she made that could have limited her potential to cross the finish line first:

1. She used all the wrong words on live TV

When Cee-C hits full throttle there is little or nothing left to hold her down.

She allowed her emotions for the Yoruba Demon cloud her thinking and she went all in hoping to get a reaction.

She got a strike in exchange and lost her throne as Head of House.

"Miserable idiot. You are not a man. You know nothing about women. You are simply a f*#k boy. You are ridiculous and worthless.

"Nobody knows who you are. You have nothing to give a woman but your stupid silly ass jokes. 

"For 11 weeks you did not learn a single lesson. 

"Today it's Anto, tomorrow it's Alex. Talk now... If you are a man talk. Tobi I want you to talk... Foolish idiot.

"You are too tiny to be a problem for me in this house. Please, respect your old age or whatever age you claim these days.

"See Ebuka, Ebuka is a man. Can you compare yourself with him? You mean absolutely nothing in this house.

"Keep my name out of your stinking smelling mouth. Foolish idiot", she added.

2. She demonstrated acts of domestic violence and defamation of character

At this point, I had to wonder if Cee-C is really a qualified lawyer.

She kept making statements about his age. She accused him and by extension the organisers of the show of supporting age falsification.

She also kept making reference to the eviction nominations, accusing Tobi of consistently putting her up. But it is a game abi not a family meeting.

"You are full of shit. Shit dey smell. You cannot behave like a mature man that you claim to be.

"See how stupid you are. Tobi you have been nominating me for eviction from day one and I have been surviving till now."

3. She let down Close-Up

On this day she chose to act against the rules that guide the conduct of housemates, Cee-C had on her back a branded Close-Up T-shirt.

I can bet that each time the Close-up team looked at the TV and heard her ranting, they would cringe in their hearts.

Perhaps, its just me, but I am wondering what a brand like Close-Up would say if Cee-C was presented to their management team as a Brand Ambassador?

Would anyone willing to get mass appeal from their products have Cee-C on their banners, posters and billboards knowing she could explode in the public-sphere?

Why did she have to create so much acrimony within the house with barely four days to go? Why can't she see the difference between being expressive and down right abusive?

I bet if the tables were turned and Tobi was the mastermind of the insult and abuses; he would not be in the house till now.

Demotion as Head of House and one strike were soft punishments from Biggie.

4. She earned Tobi hundreds of sympathy votes

While the rant was on, the votes for Tobi on the screen multiplied. I lost count at some point, as the accolades 
poured in for him on social media.

The silent treatment and restrain Tobi demonstrated have earned him more supporters especially from the women folk.

I didn't see that coming. I would have bet against him showing restrain and being well-mannered all through the confrontation.

At some point, I imagined he would lose it and react negatively but Tobi kept it together - cool and calm till Biggie's intervention.

I foresee Miracle getting a chase to the finish line from his bossom friend.