Cee-C has trended on Twitter many times on social media.

She has been the butt of jokes, the target of some people's venom and the poster child of 'stubborn pickin'.

This year's theme in the Big Brother House Naija reality show is 'Double Wahala' and Cee-C brings an abundance without thinking twice.

The trained lawyer has been the 'thorn' in the flesh of many housemates and until recently did not help matters by refusing to interact with others.

Here are 3 reasons Cee-c needs to stay longer in the Big Brother house:

1. Cee-C Threatened to Sue Nina For Farting

Who does that? Only Cee-C it seems.

During the Roc Da Mat Challenge, Nina told Cee-C she needed to fart but couldn't leave the mat, as the music could start playing at any time.

Cee-C got angry about her statement, accused her of provocation and threatened to sue her.

In the eyes of Cee-C farting is now a crime. This is a serious 'double wahala' something.

2. Cee-C Is A Fighter

Cee-c has fought with almost every housemate in the house, and her most popular fight is with Lolu, who was 'sentenced' to being her strategic partner.

Along with the 'sentence' also came two strikes from Biggie, for both Cee-C and Lolu. So, if any of them breaks any of the house rules, they will be disqualified.

Despite the 2 strikes, Cee-C  and Lolu  got into a massive fight that had almost the entire House trying to mediate.

Fellow housemate Rico advised her to ask God for the fruits of the spirit, which includes, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

That might be a lot to ask. Besides her fighting adds 'drama' to show

3. Cee-C  Got Tobi Banned From The Yoruba Demon Club

When Tobi, fine boy and breaker of girls heart met Cee-C, she clipped his wings, and wrapped him round her little finger.

Some people say it was the 'jazz' in a wig that did the trick.

She controlled Tobi for the first three weeks in the house, but after Big Brother changed their strategic partners, Tobi broke the chains, and was 'freed' from walking in her shadow.

Even though, he is still not her strategic partner, she seems to be slowly getting back control, over our 21 year old Yoruba demon.

On Wednesday, 28, she called back Tobi, who tried to walk out on her, with a harsh tone and ordered him to sit down.

Cee-C  is  serious wahala