On Monday, it was a three-man gang of robbers that attacked residents of School road at Edepie in Yenagoa.

By Friday, it was sea pirates that attacked a commercial speed boat which left Koluama II, a community in Southern Ijaw enroute Yenagoa the state capital.

The incident which took place in the morning, is one of the series of sea pirates attacks on passengers along the waterways.

It is also one of the many attacks that residents of Bayelsa state have had to endure as the security of the state continues to degenerate.

The victims of this waterway attack include Mr. Billy who was shot on his right arm and Mrs Leghemo Gulu, a pregnant woman who was shot on her stomach. 

The Chairman of the Bayelsa State Chapter of the Nigerian Maritime Workers Union, Chief Lloyd Sese, confirmed the incident.

"The pirates also robbed the passengers before leaving with a 200-horsepower engine belonging to one Chief Sunny Leghemo.

“The passengers have been rescued and are resting in Koluama II as I speak," he explained.

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He also stated that the passengers that were shot were receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa.

The state of insecurity in Bayelsa state has become alarming, with residents calling on the state government to do something fast.

The shooting of a pregnant woman just proves that as residents told Bounce News earlier, their assailants indeed kill at the slightest provocation.

They say no day passes without one hearing stories of how some residents were robbed of their belongings at gunpoint and even raped or macheted, residents say.

It is so bad that “one can be amputated just so they can steal a Nokia torch phone and a person's skull can be split in two if one refuses to part with a few naira notes,” a resident told Bounce News.

The question, again is, will government fold its arms until the entire Bayelsa state goes up in flames and there is no life left to govern?