Gift Oben is his name, but the drinks in front of him were not gifts. 

He had his Bible in one hand, but on his mind were thoughts of crime seated deeply. 

The 19-year-old, a native of Ologi community in Ogbia Local Government Area was apprehended by men of the state Vigilante Service at about 4:43 a.m. on Saturday around Swali Market. 

Gift and members of his gang allegedly broke into a shop in the area and carted drinks away.

They took enough bottles of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks worth about N15,000.

After the members of the vigilante group noticed that a shop had been burgled, the search for the culprits began. 

On sighting the watchmen, members of his gang absconded, but Gift was caught while trying to carry his loot.

Responding to the interrogation, he told the watchmen that he was returning from a vigil and that the drinks were given to him as gifts. 

He was tortured and in the process he sustained injuries on his head, neck, arm and left leg. When the torture became too much for him to bear, he began to confess to the crime. 

He was forced to drink the alcohol he stole from a

Gift told the members of the vigilante group that he was a member of Greenland Cult.

Bayelsa is notorious for jungle justice for criminals, but Gift was lucky. Members of the vigilante service decided to pick another kind of jungle justice for him.

They forced him to drink some bottles of his loot, since he had claimed that it was hunger that forced him to steal. 

He took three bottles of beer and two bottles of soft drink and then he got tired of drinking from the entire loot. They tried to make him drink more but he could no longer swallow. 

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After some minutes he started pleading with them to give him food that he was very hungry.

Gift told the gathering that he had not eaten for two days and pleaded for mercy. He also vowed never to steal again, backing it with a promise that he will leave Bayelsa State and never return.

When the owner of the shop, a young man, arrived the scene, he said he was shocked when he was alerted that his shop was burgled and some drinks stolen.

Some eyewitnesses told Bounce News that Gift looked lost. 

"He looked as if he was under a spell, He continued to say he was hungry and thirsty," an eyewitness said.

The suspect was later handed over to the police. 

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