Eneke the bird says that since hunters now shoot without aiming, it will learn to fly without perching.

This adage best describes the evil that is happening now in some states in Nigeria.

‘Pant Boys’ is what they are called, and they are spreading, picking ladies used undies from anywhere they can find them. Some very desperate ones have graduated to taking pants at gun point.

Bayelsa is one place this incident is gaining momentum and demanding that a momentous commando-like response be given to it before the ‘hand of an ape in the pot of soup is misconstrued for the hand of a man'.

The pant of a lady which men only handle when it comes to going down, has now become a hot cake. 

Barely one week after a mother declared a seven-day fast after her young daughter lost her pant at gun point to some ritualists at School Road in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, another incident occurred that beats human imagination.

This one surely tells what the ritualist are looking for in a lady’s used pant.

The time was 6:57 p. m., and the location was Kpansia market along Sani Abacha Express Way.

The usually busy location was empty, as traders had gone home on Saturday, December 5. Few vehicles seen were on high speed. 

Some poles away from the market, fuel attendants at a gas station were busy attending to their numerous customers and Bounce News correspondent was one of them.

Suddenly, a woman screamed; "leave me, I no wear pant!".

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Some men summoned courage and ran towards the direction of the voice but stood at a distance when they saw guns were involved in the matter.

Standing with the woman, with two guns pointed at her shoulders, were three men dressed in black.

It was within a space of three minutes and the conversation was over.

The did had been done and it was like a movie to the woman who had come out bare under, with a belief she was safe from Pant Boys.  

Weeping, the woman, who later identified herself as Gerekumo Okosun, told Bounce News that she stopped wearing pant the day her neighbour hinted her about the activities of Pant Boys in the state.

Pant boys in Bayelsa wipes vagina with handkerchie

The incident happened along this road 

She revealed how she preferred boxers to pant. 

"I am a thrift collector, as such, l move about a lot…” She wiped her nose with the back of her left hand and continued.

“I heard about pant theft and decided to wear boxers.”

She also said that she intended to buy foodstuff from the market but arrived there late.

"At that moment, three men surrendered me and demanded for my pant, I told them I had no pant, but a boxer.

“They gave me a white handkerchief to wipe my private part and that was when I raised my voice to attract attention and get help" she concluded. 

Gerekumo was forced to wipe her vagina with the white handkerchief.

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After she did that, the Pant Boys rushed into a waiting Sienna car and zoomed off towards Tombia roundabout. 

Another eyewitness said: “No one tried to help her as a result of the guns".

The heinous activity of these Pant Boys is increasing even at a time that schools are on holiday in the state.

Parents are already concerned about what will happen when schools resume on Monday.

The safety of female students in the state remains something to worry about and even those that had said they would go bare are not also safe. 

The Pant Boys are going after female discharge and such an evil the police said would be met with a stiff law that would hang on the neck of any apprehended suspect 'charge of attempted murder'.  

Please, share this story with your friend and loved ones to help ladies take precaution about their used pants because we are in a perilous time.