Is it even possible to get a job in Nigeria without parting with anything. Sometimes it is in cash and at other times in kind. 

So many Nigerians have even accepted this anomaly like it is a norm. 

But it is just the corruption in the system that people now believe that only God can flush it out. 

At a time that the nation is embroiled in issues of corruption in the echelon of justice, residents of Bayelsa State, who got employed are getting served this national cake. 

They had come to the office of the State Civil Service Commission in Diete-Spiff Road, Yenagoa, with zest and excitement, but these were deflated like the pump-and-play football children play with when it comes in contact with the slightest sharp object. 

It was the continuation of the handing over of appointment letters to the newly employed indigenes of Bayelsa State.

But the employed persons were shocked when they were asked to pay 1,000 Naira before they could get their appointment letters.

Less than 200 applicants had received their appointment letters on January 28, under the supervision of the Chairman of the State Civil service commission, Mr Peter Singabele at Chief DSP Alamieseigha Banquet Hall in Ovom Yenagoa.

No payments were made.

The occasion commenced by 2:00 p.m., and those who did not receive theirs, were told to visit the Civil Service Commission office for collection.

Problem, however, started when expectant youths got to the office and was told to pay the sum of 1,000 Naira each.

Young men and women who arrived at the venue radiating with happiness, suddenly became moddy as they stood in clusters, murmuring.

Stammering, a beneficiary, Mrs Ebiere Michael, told Bounce News that it was unheard of for someone to pay for an appointment letter.

Bayelsa job seekers get letters of appointment

"Could this be the reason we were told to come here and collect our appointment letters? she asked.

"They should have announced this at the hall. 

"After lobbying to have my name included in the list," she revealed. 

A nursing mother, who would not want her name mentioned for fear of losing the job, said she never expected this level of extortion from her own people.

"I am still in shock over this nonsense.

"If l pay and collect the letter, will my job be secured?" she queried.

While some persons refused to pay, Mr Akalei Akalei, said it was no big deal and cited the saying 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'.

He held up a brown official envelop and continued: "I know what l went through to have my name in the beneficiary list. 

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"It is not 1,000 Naira that will ruin my chance now".

Meanwhile, a female staff of the ministry, who would not want her name to be mentioned, stated that everything in the state civil service reek of corruption. 

"I didn't hear anything about the collection of 1,000 Naira.

"The truth is that, the final result was manipulated.

"Some of the beneficiaries did not write the screening tests," she told Bounce News, highlighting how corruption had sneaked into the process. 

She advised those whose names were not in the final list to seek for employment elsewhere.

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