Flood has sacked many people in Bayelsa and the rains have refused to stop, causing more havoc than they had expected. 

Many residents rendered homeless have moved to places that are unthinking, including some uncompleted buildings. 

One of such camps is the Internally Displaced Persons Camp in lgbogene area of Yenagoa, the capital city. 

Bounce News visited the camp and found two women that gave birth at the camp in the middle of the night.

Two police patrol vehicles parked at the entrance leading to the camp, providing security to the displaced persons living in buildings without doors or windows.

Inside, dried excrete littered both sides of the road and the stench of urine could be perceived from a distance.

Bayelsa flood victim

The uncompleted storey building housing the flood victims was unusually quiet as most of them had gone to church.

At the entrance of the building, were some National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) officials.

Little children ran from one end to another, playing and not minding the dirty environment. 

Inside the building, several tents constructed with treated mosquito nets and wrappers were in rows. 

Each being occupied by different families.

Clothes, blankets and mattresses hung from the uncompleted building's windows to dry.

At the camp were babies born few week ago, but the environment says a different thing when looked at with the eye of someone assessing how okay it is for child birth.

Bayelsa flood victim

In an unhygienic dusty floor, beside a big uncovered window, Mrs Amaka James, a nursing mother was breast feeding her son.

Narrating the horror she faced on the night of delivery, the nursing mother revealed how she experienced labour pain from 11:00 p.m. 

"There was no vehicle, no help and l could touch my baby's head," she said.

Her husband ran to some women in the building for assistance.  But couldn't get any.        

"At about 4:a.m, one Ijaw woman decided to try and help me.

"Without hand gloves, she helped me deliver my son - Goodluck," she continued.

With the child birth comes joy, but her joy was shortened by pains that followed. 

Bayelsa flood victim
Water is supplied to them with water tankers

 "Everything was fine until 5:40 a.m. when I started bleeding.

"People raised alarm and men of the Nigerian Air Force rushed me to a nearby hospital where I was properly taken care of," she said.

Another woman, Abi Elohor, who also had her baby at the camp, said life had not been easy.

But she thanked the state Governor and good spirited individuals for their help during the trying period. 

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A NEMA officer in charge of the camp, Mrs Chinwe Opara, commended Nigerians for their help to the flood victims in the camp.  

She, however, listed disrespect and deceit from some of the elderly victims as the major challenges.

Bayelsa flood victim

"The Governor was here on Saturday, October 27 and promised to send the victims home with return packages" she said. 

Some of the victims told Bounce News that the government had been feeding them.

"We are grateful.  

"We will need help to start life afresh when we return to our houses," one of the IDPs added. 

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