Do you remember Asu Ekiye and have you been wondering where he has been after the popular 'Woekilemo' song?

This is what he has been doing recently.

Attacks and counter-attacks have continued to happen in Bayelsa State as cult groups, Icelanders, Greenlandic and Bobos battle each other in what appears to be an endless fight for supremacy.

While the war rages and more youths die almost on a weekly basis, a popular artiste, now a politician, Asu Ekiye, is campaigning against the rising trend.

See What Asu Ekiye Is Doing

Mr Ekiye is the Special Adviser to the Bayelsa State Government on Entertainment and Culture, and he is worried about the involvement of youths in the state in cult activities.

A campaign organised by the state government began at the State Government House in Ovom, Yenagoa, to Ekeki Park and then to Peace park.

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The Woekilemo singer joined other youth groups in the match against cultism that has now claimed over three lives in the last one week.

Idleness and lack of jobs have been blamed for their engagement in nefarious activities.

See What Asu Ekiye Is Doing

Graduates and students of the Niger Delta University are most members of the cult groups that are pushing to subdue and dominate each other.

Recently, an indigene simply identified as Godswill was murdered at Swali Main Market.

It was a reprisal attack that happened days after two youths were killed with a machete.

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Women at the market have raised concerns that more reprisal attacks would happen.

See What Asu Ekiye Is Doing
Bayelsa cult war and killing

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