It had rained heavily on Saturday night, making Sunday a cool windy day.

But that coolness was startled in the evening.

By 4p.m local tume, Erepa junction along Mbiama in Yenagoa was busy with motorists and residents simply relaxing.

Suddenly, several sounds of gun shots were heard. 

And then, a cry of agony and shouts of horror followed before a young man fell by the side of the road bleeding profusely from his mouth and nose.

Startled, residents ran helter-skelter, seeking refuge in open shops while others ran down the streets. Motorists wound up their windows while on high speed.

The lifeless body of the young man whom eyewitnesses said was a suspected cultist laid on the road beside the slab. 

The assassins, four of them, ran into the bush behind the houses close to the junction. 

It was the seventh killing within a month and one of the several cult clashes that happen in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State.

dead cult member killed in bayelsa
The suspected cultist was murdered here. Blood covered with sand after his body was removed

An eyewitness, Ahmed Yunusa, shared what he saw with Bounce News.

"I dey here when four boys come shoot this one plenty for head." 

A boutique owner, Ms. Undutimi Ekewe, said: "I don't know exactly where the assassins came from.  

"But, I saw them shoot him severally before he screamed and fell". 

Narrating further, she shared how a female customer that patronised her on Saturday foretold the killing.

shopping voucher

She had expressed worry over the presence of so many young boys at the junction, saying it might attract problems.

The stylist claimed that her customer told her to be careful of the underage boys flocking around her vicinity. 

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In a chat with Bounce News, the spokesman for the Bayelsa Police Command, Asinim Butswat, confirmed the incident. 

"It is not politically motivated. 

"It is cult clash, but we have not made any arrests yet," he said.

Some residents, however, believe that alcohol and drug abuse are major boost to the confidence exhibited by the cultists in carrying out their killings. 

A Counsellor, Inimiemene Okoringa, expressed displeasure over the inability of some community leaders to identify and surrender the bad boys within their domain to security agents.

dead cult member killed in bayelsa
His body laid at Erepa junction along Mbiama after he was shot several times in the head

"I blame our paramount rulers for harbouring them instead of exposing, shaming and denouncing them. 

"The Community Development Chairmen use them to scare their opponents and mobilise them for politicians during election.

"That is why cultism will continue to thrive in our state.  

"All they think about is smoke, drink, steal, kill and destroy.

"They don't mind dying in the process," Mr. Okoringa said.

He then advised parents to monitor their children and pleaded with security agents to rid the state of criminals.

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