A real-life governor will play the role of governor in an upcoming Nollywood film, titled Up North.

The Governor of Bauchi State, Mohammed Abubakar, is not only an avid supporter of Nollywood, he also possesses ‘hidden’ acting skills- who knew?

In a thread on twitter, CEO of Anakle Films, Editi Effiòng, explains the connection between himself and the Governor before and during the making of his latest project ‘Up North‘.

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According to him, in 2017 when he was returning from Bauchi, he met the governor on a plane and discussed his plan of shooting a film in Bauchi.

According to Editi the governor provided everything he needed for filming, including organizing a dubar and his personal convoy for the film.

The Governor also auditioned to act as the governor in the film, sighting his desire to encourage the young people who want to go into Nollywood.

See his tweets below: