Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde has refused to be drawn into the Catalonia crisis even as the region declared independence on Friday.

The Coach said his responsibility is more on the pitch hence Barcelona are only preoccupied with their away game at Athletic Bilbao in Spain's La Liga this weekend.

"Everyone has their responsibility," he said refusing to speak about the political crisis.

"I am the coach of Barcelona and I will try to have my team win," he said

"I'm just focussed on winning this match," said Valverde.

Though repeatedly put on the spot with consistent questions on the crisis, Valverde remained indifferent.

"It's not for me to draw conclusions, but like everyone I have my own opinion on the matter," he said.

"But I would like to remain solely focussed on the sporting side of things."

"Nothing has happened yet and so far we are talking about assumptions (about the crisis). It's okay drawing conclusions but let's just talk about reality," he said.

"And the reality is that tomorrow we have a game and we will try to win it."

"It's a game everybody wants to play in, it's a stressful game against a dangerous team," he added.

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