The noise we hear has become a part of the city's rhythm.

Cars honking, bus conductors yelling, generators crying and people gisting loudly. That's the exotic blend with which Lagos embraces its visitors.

But part of the social cacophony is about to change.

Putting up sound proof systems in restaurants, bars and even places of religious worship, could dampen the Lagos lively spirit.

The city of owambe’s and daily faji’s at beer palours and clubs, will lose steam due to the ban.

To show how much Lagosians love parties in any shape, size and form, residents in the state annually spends 1.2 billion Naira on Asoebi.

In 2014, 3 billion Naira  was spent on 1,555 parties which held in Agege, Mushin, Ifako-Ijaiye, Ikorodu and Ikeja.

At the end of that year, a staggering 36 billion Naira was believed to have been spent by people living in Lagos.

This money would be lost when the government shuts out the sound that does not only entertain patrons, but also entices the uninvited that stop over.

Even the Lagos state government organizes events annually like the Lagos Fiesta which holds in December at the Bar  Beach, it would surely be inadequate for the party lovers.

Preparations for the 2019 general elections are warming up. Would we have silent outdoor campaigns?

The General Manager‎ of the Lagos State Environment Protection Agency, Adebola Shabi, who announced the ban should remember this before he starts implementing.

Maybe he should have said that the our sound (their noise) should be turned down and not switched off.