A whirlwind of staff resignation is rocking the boat of some new generation banks in Ondo state.

Not less than six top officials of different banks especially at the state capital have allegedly turned in their resignation letter in the last one week.

The development which has continued to raise dust of confusion in the state was claimed to have been instigated by the recent arrest of Naira vendor by the state police command.

A close source in one of the banks disclosed how a head of bulk room department suddenly dropped her resignation letter to the branch service manager which carries immediate effect.

"Everybody thought she committed a fraud but when the manager checked all the transactions she did in the last one month, her record was up to date. No one has any reason to question her reason for resigning.

"It was after she left, the rumour broke out that some naira vendors were arrested and have started confessing that they were working in collaboration with some banks officials."

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This position was further confirmed by another source who maintained that his colleagues has been in the business for over two years.

"That is what he does regularly. He has about three guys and one lady that he changes money for mainly on Thursdays and Fridays with a certain percentage on any amount he changes for them. When we heard some naira vendors were arrested, I know he will definitely run into trouble" he said.

The state police PRO, Femi Joseph confirmed the arrest of illegal sellers of new naira notes across the state on Wednesday.

According to him, police have commenced investigation to expose and deal with sources within the banks who conspired with the vendors to release the new naira notes.

The clampdown on the Naira vendors and sellers was backed up by the CBN Act Sections 20 and 21 that made it a punishable offence for any person to hawk, sell or otherwise trade in Naira notes, coins or any other note issued by the Bank.

The suspects and their collaborators if found guilty will be facing six months jail term.

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