Gone are the days when whistles were the exclusive preserve of sports.

Anti-corruption campaigners use whistles when they suspect individuals have ridiculous amount of money hidden in their closets.

In Ikorodu, whistles are saving lives from the cut-throat cult group that have been terrorizing the residents. The community leaders apparently called on residents to procure whistles to be able to raise unmistakable alarms during a Badoo attack.

Since then, there has been an upsurge in the demand for the device in the area and dealers are making brisk business.

Most households in the area now own a whistle or two.

This increase in demand has also led to an upsurge in the price of the device.

The device, which used to sell for 100 naira has doubled to about 250 naira.

“I was initially selling snacks, but when I saw that some traders were making swift sales from hawking whistles, I decided to join them.

“I investigated where they sourced whistles wholesale and I swiftly joined them. I now hawk whistles in my neighbourhood,” said Mrs Tifase Abiola, who was a caterer before the whistle trade boom.

Another trader, Deji Onigunye, who told newsmen he hitherto sold sports items such as football, boots and jerseys, said it was the demand for whistles that is moving mountains for him at the moment.

“Whistles are not items we sell every day, but in the last two weeks, the demand for the item around here has compelled me to invest in the business,” he said.