Baba Suwe would never forget 2011 in a hurry.

It was the year he was detained for drug possession by the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency (NDLEA); drugs that the agency never recovered from him.

The veteran actor whose real name is Babatunde Omidina in a recent interview said that he would be releasing a movie based on his experience with the NDLEA titled ''Oya’gbe ti’.”

In 2011, the NDLEA arrested Baba Suwe at Murtala Mohammed International Airport on the suspicion of carrying cocaine in his stomach.

He was detained for three weeks by NDLEA but no drugs were ever found.

A Lagos High Court ordered NDLEA to pay the sum of N25 million for unlawfully detaining him and publicly apologize to the actor.

According to Baba Suwe, he has not seen the money or received the apology from the agency.

“On the day I was arraigned in court, the crowd that came to witness it was so massive; you would have thought they came to see a movie.

''At a point, I couldn’t bear it anymore and I shed tears. I was made to sleep on a bench in an office at the airport throughout the time I was in NDLEA’s custody.

''I usually ate three times in a day and I excreted more than 30 times while I was there; yet they couldn’t find anything.

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''I was even taken to a place where they flushed my insides with water and they still came up with nothing,” he explained.

When asked if he’s considering making a movie on his ordeal, he said:

''Yes, it will be out soon. The title will be, ‘Oya’gbe ti’.”

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