In the next two days re-routing of Abuja-bound international flights to Kaduna International Airport will begin.

Ahead of the closure of the International Airport in Nigeria's capital city, the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) gave updates on how set the airport is for expected increase in activities.

FAAN and NEMA say the Kaduna International Airport is now set for international operations.

The Managing Director of FAAN, Saleh Dunoma, explains the organisation has installed all safety equipment it needs.

"All the things we need for international operations are on ground. What is important actually is the safety equipment for the landing of the aircraft.

"We have seen the runway is good, the Instrument Landing System (ILS) has been installed and the terminal building is ready.

"The contractor has been directed by the Acting President to redouble his effort so that the remaining items of work that are remaining should be completed before the commencement of the international operations in Kaduna.

"I think this is one of the luckiest airports; they have five generators as standby power supply. So we have more than enough,” he said.

The Managing Director of NAMA, Fola Akinkuotu, says once the Abuja Airport is closed, NAMA would deploy the mobile tower from the airport to Kaduna to complement what is already on ground.

He said that NAMA management has certified the capability of Kaduna Airport, highlighting that its engineers have done a good job.

"As far as this (Kaduna) airport is concerned, NAMA management, we are very satisfied that we have done a good job.

"At the inception of the project, the ILS (Instrument Landing System) was not accessible but as of today, I can tell you that not only have we installed a brand new ILS, we have also calibrated it.

"We have a calibration certificate from a UK concern.

"On the facilities for landing, like I said, the ILS which comprises the glide scope and localizer have been calibrated and they have been found satisfactory like 10 on 10.

"Apart from that, we also have the approach light that actually complement and make sure that they have the ILS," he told reporters.

Concerns have been raised on security of passengers, but police authorities say the force had made provision for adequate security within the 6-week period that the airport will witness influx of air travelers.

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