The Attah Igala, His Royal Majesty, Dr Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni II has rejected the leader of the Miyetti Allah group posted to Igala land.

The revered paramount ruler insisted that he would only do business with those Fulanis who have lived with the Igala people over time, who have drunk the Idu Okoliko water and are well known to us.

The Attah reiterated the need for peaceful coexistence between the Fulanis and their Igala hosts.

The Attah Igala said his people have always been known for their hospitality but however rejected the appointment of the Miyeti Allah Leader.

The Attah further hinted BOUNCE NEWS that, the Miyetti Allah group, being the military arm of the Fulani herdsmen, were confirmed to be responsible for the unprovoked attack on Igala communities at Agbenema, Oganenigu and Abejukolo, where they went on a rampage , killing innocent men, women and children.

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He said, the confirmation of Miyetti Allah involvement in the massacre came from the identity cards recovered from those Fulanis killed.

He, therefore, stated that ‘’If any Fulani leader must be selected in Igala land, they should come from those who have lived with us for so long that we know their roots’’.

He told the group that came that, the man they were presenting as Miyetti Allah leader in Igala kingdom cannot be trusted because of his history of involvement in violence in Igboland.

The Attah also warned the Fulani not to repeat their misadventures in Agbenema and Oganenigu, that in all Igala history, the kingdom has never been conquered by anybody and it won’t be conquered now.

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