A flight may be delayed making you miss an important appointment. But you should have no reason to touch any airline official.

If you do, you risk a jail term.

That is exactly what the authorities in charge of Nigerian airports, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA are saying.

They have threatened to jail any passenger who attacks airline officials.

Many airline officials have been attacked in the recent past by passengers who felt poorly treated due to operational deficiencies.

But NCAA said it would not tolerate any of such attacks going forward, adding that such passengers will henceforth face criminal charges.

It stated that passengers were not expected to take the laws into their own hands when there were operational hiccups capable of truncating air services.

The regulator said on Sunday that the warning became necessary due to reports from some of the nation’s airports about brutal attacks on airline officials, adding that the attacks were “embarrassing and discourteous to the affected officials.”

It however added that operating airlines must, uphold the conditions of carriage and contract on each passenger’s ticket always.

The statement said passengers should lodge a complaint with the Consumer Protection Directorate of the NCAA, or any other competent person designated by the authority, about any alleged infringement of their rights.