All snakes are long but the king of the jungle is the python, says an Igbo adage.

In what appears to be a complete surrender to a superior power, Intels, a company, co-owned by Nigeria’s businessman and politician, Atiku Abubakar, has agreed to comply with the government’s directive on treasury single account.

The Chairman of Intels Nigeria Limited, Gabriele Volpi, was said to have pledged that his company will comply with the directive on TSA when he flew into Nigeria to intervene in the rift between the firm and the Nigerian Ports Authority over remittances.

Recall that the TSA became the bone of contention after the NPA had insisted that funds collected on its pilotage agency agreement be remitted into the account.

Intels had raised concern that such a directive is in violation of the terms of its contract.

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The stalemate led the NPA to terminate the 10-year pilotage agreement contract with Intels.

The cancellation of the contract had elicited various reactions from different quarters especially as regards Atiku's 2019 presidential ambition.

But Volpi, who described Intels as a committed development partner to Nigeria, said he would do everything possible to ensure amicable resolution of the crisis.

 “We intend to comply with the directive of government and transfer all the revenue to the TSA because we are a law-abiding company,” a statement on Sunday quoted him as saying.

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