Just when you think you have had heard it all as far as doping and Justin Gatlin are concerned, Pandora's Box has re-opened.

The controversial track and field superstar is in the middle of another looming scandal.

He is facing a new doping probe after members of his team allegedly offered to supply performance-enhancing drugs to undercover journalists.

It is understood that the American 100m sprinter is set to be investigated by the Athletics Integrity Unit after members of his entourage were said to have offered to smuggle prescription testosterone and a human-growth hormone acquired under a false name to the US.

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Undercover reporters for The Telegraph in London claim they were offered the service for $250,000 (£187,000) by former Olympic gold medalist Dennis Mitchell, the 35-year-old Gatlin's coach, and track and field agent - Robert Wagner.

The banned substances were allegedly to be provided by a doctor in Austria. 

The journalists posed as representatives of a film company wanting to make a sports film who were looking for a coach to train their star to look like an athlete.

Mitchell and Wagner are said to have claimed that the use of banned substances in athletics is still widespread - with the agent even saying that Gatlin himself had been taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Gatlin has strongly denied the allegations and lawyers for the sprinter announced on Monday night that he had fired his coach.

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