One month of academic activities was lost to a nationwide strike of the Academic Staff Unions of Universities (ASUU), but the union is promising to redeem the time.

The National President of ASUU, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, gave an assurance on Monday in Lagos as part of an update of the unions activities one week after it called off the strike.

However, there is no evidence that the government will honour the agreement reached with the union.

ASUU's decision to return to school was overshadowed by the non-academic staff of universities who were also on strike and had a bone to pick with the Nigerian government.

ASUU had on August 13 embarked on what it called total, comprehensive and indefinite nationwide strike demanding improved welfare for its members and better infrastructure in institutions.

It was a protest against non-implementation of the 2009 agreement and the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding it entered into with the Federal Government.

Students’ Interest At Heart

Some schools were near examination period when the strike began and the academic calendar suffered a setback.

“We wish to assure our students and parents that they do not have any cause to worry over the lost period while the strike lasted.

“As we have always said, it is not our intention to be disrupting academic activities in our institutions.

“What we are pressing for is for us to have a better system for the benefit of our students and, of course, the nation at large.

“We cannot continue with what we may call business as usual in the running of university system in our country,’’ he told newsmen.

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“Now that the strike has been suspended, our lecturers are back in full force with renewed energy to cover the lost ground.

“Having said this, we will also like to state that the union is hopeful that government will faithfully implement the Memorandum of Action it entered into with union on Sept. 18, to avoid any other issues,” Ogunyemi stated.

According to the union, there is no evidence so far to show that the Federal Government will not keep its own part of the bargain.

 “This is a government of change. We are watching and waiting patiently to realise the implementation within that time frame,” he said.