Senate President, Bukola Saraki, is a happy man after the Supreme Court upheld the earlier decision of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), discharging and acquitting him of all 18 charges he has been standing trial for.

Not only is he grateful to all Nigerians who have supported him since the asset declaration case commenced three years ago, he is also telling his enemies to stop hating.

He insisted that the verdict has only confirmed that his trial was politically motivated from the beginning.

A statement personally signed by him after the judgement of the Supreme Court reads.

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“As I said in my first appearance at the CCT, this is a politically motivated case. The case was trumped up in the first instance because of my emergence as the President of the Senate, against the wishes of certain forces.

“Ordinarily, I doubt anyone would be interested in the asset declaration form I filled over 15 years ago.

“What we have seen is the opposite. Instead of working together in the interest of the nation and to seek to do better for our people, we are fighting one another and using legal instruments to mount baseless accusations against one another.

“Instead of exhibiting the need for unity and working day and night for that purpose, we are stoking the fire of division and rancour.

“I maintain that, above all else, my CCT trial has been a flagrant vilification of my person and shows that some people are after their personal interests rather than the national interest.”

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To his supporters, he admitted that there is a reason to rejoice, but celebration must be tempered with the sobering lessons of the attempted injustice from Day One of this trial. 

“We all have to canvas for fairness in the fight against corruption. We should see this verdict as an inspiration to champion the rule of law, promote democracy and its institutions as well as tolerance of divergent views.

“The overwhelming support of so many, and the insistence on ensuring that due process and truth prevailed, has made this verdict possible,” he stated.

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