Nine months is not a joke and every pregnant woman is looking forward to carrying their healthy bundle of joy.

But when Mrs. Ifeoma Ogah was brutally attacked by her husband's brother, Paul Uzoke, she did not know it will also affect the child in the womb.

Two months after the said attack, Ifeoma delivered a deformed child, so sad.

While she was seven months pregnant, Ifeoma was ruthlessly beaten irrespective of her condition during which she sustained various degrees of injuries, leading to the swelling of her hands, legs and stomach.

Narrating the incident to Bounce News, Mr. Ogah disclosed that his elder brother, Uzoke alongside his five children attacked and beat up his wife at the stream where she went to fetch water, even when she was seven months pregnant.

He said the attack was as a result of Uzoke's earlier complaint that his children wrote something on his wall with chalk.

According to him, trouble started when his elder brother ordered his children to clean the inscription on his wall which they did.

But Uzoke was said to have beaten the daughter of Ogah during which Ifeoma intervened, claiming her daughter was not among those that defaced the wall.

"My children and elder brother's children wrote something on the wall which he ordered them to erase.

"As they were doing that, he started beating up my first daughter who was not among them and my wife told him not to beat my daughter that she was not one of them, but he refused.

"After that, my wife went to the stream to fetch water. My elder brother and his children went after her with big sticks and beat her up.

"She sustained much injuries which if not for the intervention of the people who came to fetch water, I wonder what he had in mind.

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"She also had contractions after the attack. Even when the children were mobilized by their father to go after my wife, elders who were around tried to stop them, but all efforts proved abortive", he stated.

"Since March when the incident took place, my wife had never been herself because of the beating. On May 13th, she gave birth to a baby boy. God being so kind, it was not through operation.

"But what I saw was different from what I was expecting. The child's head was with wound, his stomach was open with his intestine out and he was already dead.

"I took him to my brother to eat the meat he killed on March 14, but he ran away to Ezzangbo Police station making different statement that my family wants to kill him.

"As the police came to arrest me, I showed them my little child whom he killed in the process of beating my wife with sticks in March when she was seven months pregnant.

"The policemen were weak and asked me to deposit the remains in the mortuary. But I pleaded with them that I do not have money and they gave me option to either take the corpse's photograph front and back or deposit it in the mortuary which will help them in the investigation.

"So I just took the pictures and buried my son that same day. Look at my wife, she is dying, she is still suffering from the sigma. I just wish that this man will be brought to book and dealt with so that he will learn his lessons", he stated.

Confirming the incident, Ebonyi State Police Command, ASP Loveth Odah said it took place but that the matter had not been officially reported to the command.

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