Arsenal midfielder, Lucas Torreira is still star-struck playing alongside his new teammates although he seems to have settled in quite quickly.

Having his locker in the dressing room sitting between those of Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette, the Uruguayan shares how it feels to be in the Arsenal squad.

“Mesut and Laca are wonderful players and people,” Torreira told Arsenal Player.

“They bring in that quality touch that the team needs. They dictate the tempo in every play of the game. Laca is in great scoring form, which is really important for us.

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“On the other hand, we know that Mesut is a top player. If you pass him the ball he will hardly ever give it away. He plays with simplicity and he’s got a lot of quality, which makes us very calm.

“As I midfielder I know that if I pass him the ball I can be calm. When I arrived at the club they told me that my closet in the locker room was going to be in between Lacazette’s and Ozil’s.

“I would have never imagined or dreamed of something like that. I am privileged to live all this at the age of 22. It was very hard for me to get where I am now. That's why it's so enjoyable.”

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