They have suddenly become the bread winners of their homes after their husbands died in active service.

It has not been easy, being women without much means. 

Bringing up their children had become difficult. 

Six widows of late soldiers in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, have lamented what they referred to as neglect by the state government after the demise of their husbands.

Why have they called the state government into the matter?, someone will ask, but they have on their own done the little they could, they said. 

One of them, Mrs Young Akperiga, told Bounce News that she had used her late husband's gratuity to build the house she was living in with her children.

She also said it had not been easy for her to train eight children alone.

"Idleness has made one of my sons to misbehave and join cult.

"He disobeys me, hardly stays at home and behaves as if he has lost his senses.

"I want the state government to employ them and if l have offended anyone with my request, please forgive me" she pleaded.

While Mrs Akperiga wants the government to employ her children, another widow, Mrs Beatrice Wilson, said out of her six children, five were jobless.

"Some mould blocks while the rest wander aimlessly in our streets.

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"They hardly stay at home. They disobey me and others too," she lamented. 

A neighbour, who would not want his name mentioned, acknowledged that the widows needed help to care of their children.

"The government and good spirited people should help us and take them off our streets.

"They need to work so that we can have rest of mind" he concluded, apparently worried about the activities of cult groups in Bayelsa State. 

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