Youths in Kano State are not happy with the way the pre-recruitment exercise of the Nigerian army has been handled.

They are alleging that they have been cheated and denied of their right to join the force.

On Thursday in Kano, hundreds of youths expressed displeasure with the process, saying their names were replaced with other people backed by elites from within and outside the military.

The youths claimed that the military did not allow them to complete the rigorous recruitment exercise which will give them opportunity to join the force.

A participant, who requested to remain anonymous claimed that after participating in the 2.3 kilometre jogging and other rigorous exercises, their names were replaced with that of others who did not participate in any of the exercises.


“We were asked to run after a speeding motorcycle and we follow the directive and were running under scorching sun. Some of the participants gassed out and were picked by ambulance.

“As we were about to reach, we saw the officers converging some people who obviously did not participate in the exercise into where was supposed to be our stopping point.

“They locked us out and told us we could not meet with time, claiming that those inside the gate were the only ones that meet up, meanwhile they didn’t even participate,” said the young man.

The youth also want relevant authorities to intervene for them to have a second chance. 

When contacted, the spokesman for the Nigerian Army 3 Brigade in Kano, Captain SM Buba, denied the allegation. 

Captain Buba told reporters in Kano that the Nigerian Army was not surprised with the allegations, as the recruitment exercise required so many things to scale through which is open to all applicants. 

Captain Buba also said the procedure of the exercise was the same with the previous recruitment exercises, which included a 2.3 kilometre jogging, age bracket and genuine qualifications from all the applicants. 

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He asked the applicants and the public to have faith in the military, as the number of applicants superseded what was needed as shortlisted candidates for recruitment. 

No one was replaced based on God-fatherism, he added.

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