You didn’t expect Argentina’s embarrassing showing at the World Cup to pass away without some casualties, did you?

Of course, for such a gifted generation of players but who have largely underachieved, bowing out is the honourable thing to do.

The first victim of Argentina's World Cup exit was Javier Mascherano who officially hung up his boots as an Albiceleste player, immediately after France kicked them out of Russia.

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“This story has ended. We gave it our everything until the end,” the former Barcelona and Liverpool man told reporters after the match.

“It was a crazy match, in which we didn’t start well but we recovered and we turned it around. But their tying goal did so much damage to us.

“It cost us so much to lift ourselves up again. From this point on I will be just another fan of the Argentina national team. It is over. The illusion is shattered.”

We expected that. For Argentina It’s time for the old boys to say goodbye and for the younger players to step in

Lucas Biglia soon followed him in retiring from international football.

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