Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State has expressed disgust at the culture of indolence being exhibited by an average Nigerian.

This he said is one of the major causes of deep rooted poverty across the country.

Aregbesola asserted that Nigeria remains poor simply because more than average of her citizen failed to prioritize work and productivity.

According to the governor, for Nigeria to reclaim its reputation among the comity of nation, the culture of indolence must give way.

Aregbesola stated this while delivering his address during the National Conference jointly organised by  National Institute for  Hospital and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) and the Office of Culture and Tourism in Osun.

He said: “It is disheartening that a nation like Nigeria that is blessed with strong people still languishes in such a perceived abject poverty in spite of being blessed with healthy people that can work.

“The reason for this is not far-fetched because Nigeria is the only nation that I know where a significant percentage of her citizenry do not work.

“The culture of indolence must die for us to attain the position destined for us by God. We must all see work as the only means for survival. It is time for us as a people and as a nation to begin to see work as the only antidote to poverty.

“We are not created to be poor; we are not destined to be poor. Since our culture emphasises work as the only basis for wealth, then no effort must be spared to prioritise productivity, if we truly want to succeed as a nation."

In the meantime, Uncle Aregbe please can you pay teachers their outstanding salaries and allowances?