It's easy to fold your wallet and tuck it away in your pocket freeing up your hands for handshakes and other greetings depending on what part of the world you are.

Are You Ready For Foldable Mobile Phones?

Do you also realise that most mobile phones not stolen by force are usually misplaced or forgotten while you attempt to free up your hands to engage in other activities or just let out the sweat from your palms?

Remember the other day when you walked into the banking hall in a rush and to fill out the mandatory forms you dropped off your phone at the customer service officer's desk?

How about the moment you get into a commercial bus after a long day. Nature takes its course as you doze off in traffic.

Your mobile phone drops off and you barely remembered it was in your hands when the bus conductor yells your bus stop and you jump off in a few seconds.

Are You Ready For Foldable Mobile Phones?

What about the night you hung out with the boys and you dropped off your phone on the table with the drinks and glass cups but it suddenly disappeared and was never seen again.

A report recently published by Business Intelligence shows that interest in fold-able phones among respondents with an Android device is high, with 84% stating that they're interested in having the new form factor as their next smartphone. 

More than one-third (36%) of respondents are extremely interested. 

While this is good news for Huawei and Samsung — which have both announced foldable phones in the last week — it's also a promising sign for the rest of the Android ecosystem since vendors including LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Motorola are gearing up to welcome early adopters.

Here are 3 reasons these respondents gave for being in love with these devices that are yet to hit the market.

1. Ability to comfortably carry the device - Imagine holding a 5.5 inch screen in your palms on a hot day when you have to walk quite a distance under the sun. Also imagine what it would be like when it suddenly begins to rain and your precious phone cannot slide into your pocket because of its large size.

Bear in mind that smartphones with 6- to 7-inch screens became the most prominent smartphone size segment for the first time in Q3 2018, with four times YoY growth, and will continue to lead in the years ahead. 

2. Finally, you get to protect that screen - our dear mothers should be rejoicing now. It's almost impossible to stop an infant from being an infant with an unlimited level of curiosity that allows them play with all items in sight especially mobile phone. 

These devices often fall on concrete floor or rocky grounds cracking the screens forcing parents to pay huge sums to replace them at official dealers or prescribed alternatives at Computer Village.

Fold-able phones will help end this nightmare. When these phones drop the screens would most likely be tucked away far from the hard surfaces that crack up light weight sensor driven transparent coverings.

This makes sense given that consumers are quickly taking to phones with large-sized screens of 5.5 inches and above. These devices, called phablets, are the leading smartphone form factor and were expected to account for two-thirds (67%) of all smartphone shipments in 2018, up from 43% a year earlier.

3. Improving the experience for various activities and multitasking - Your mobile phone continues to evolve in functionalities daily and appears to be the most important device in our e-world.

Consumers are using their smartphones for digital, richer activities more often, such as streaming video, playing data-heavy games, and increasing productivity, which were traditionally done on devices with large screens like TVs and computers. 

Additionally, instances of multitasking on smartphones continues to grow. 

This shift in consumer behavior is making it essential to expand screen real estate to offer the best viewing experience and enable the use of multiple apps on the screen at once — without crippling the smartphone experience.