What is your greatest fear in the world? Rent, school fees or social acceptance.

You should worry no more.

Before the end of next month, all your troubles could become part of history.

The world is ending that day – don't tell anyone.

A stargazer - someone who specializes in staring at the stars and predicting what the future holds - has shared this deep secret.

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He has “decoded” the Great Pyramid – and discovered it is a “date marker” that reveals when the apocalypse is coming.

Apocalypse must sound familiar, the holy book warned about it.

It is finally upon mankind.

The stargazer’s date matches a prophecy foretelling the End of Days in the Bible – and it is this September.

As reported by Daily Star, earlier this year, Christian numerologist, David Meade, matched the positions of heavenly bodies with Bible verses, to work out that the world will end when a giant planet called Nibiru or Planet X crashes into Earth.

His detailed analysis suggested Nibiru will first appear in the sky on September 23, 2017, and crash into Earth in October.

It is getting scarier.

Well, this bombshell prediction, made in his book ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival,’ was so compelling it was covered across mainstream media in both the US and UK.

In fact, Meade is not alone, many Christian fanatics have also claimed there will be a rare total solar eclipse that will blanket the US in darkness on August 21 that will herald the end of the world – and may be one of the prophesied 10 Biblical plagues.

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Last week, Daily Star Online exclusively revealed the so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse also pointed to September 23 as the date Armageddon will start.

Mr. Meade showed how the Book of Revelation, in the Bible, warned the “stars in heaven will not show their light” and “the Sun will be darkened” before the apocalypse.

Now, the doomsayer has discovered the position of the Great Pyramid also points to exactly the same date – September 23.

Are you ready?