This is an investment opportunity.

If you have some cash to spare, you can lend to the Federal Government by buying its treasury bills which will start selling from September 14 to November 14 2017.

The government, through the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN plans to sell 917.14-billion-Naira worth of treasury bills within the period.

A CBN debt calendar for the fourth quarter of 2017 showed on Wednesday that the apex bank aims to auction 209.85 billion Naira in 91-day bills, 197.89 billion Naira in 182-day and 509.39 billion Naira in 364-day debt.

The central bank sells treasury bills twice a month to help fund the government’s budget deficit and support commercial banks in managing volume of cash.

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In another development in the debt market, the Federal Government of Nigeria, FGN, savings bonds subscription is still ongoing.

The FGN Savings bonds started since March and it has been sold every month ever since.

Subscription for the month of September started on Monday and it will continue till Friday this week.

The government is offering for subscription 2-year savings bond at 13.81% and a 3-year savings bond at 14.81%.

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