It’s been 16 long years since we sat down to watch Friday After Next and we’re very excited about the prospect of a new entry to the franchise. 

Luckily, Ice Cube seems to be getting close to a finished screenplay. 

When questioned by a fan about the movie’s progress recently, Ice Cube replied simply: ‘Finishing script.’

Those two words have managed to get a lot of people super enthusiastic on Twitter.

It remains to be seen if Tucker will indeed return, but we can still look forward to another sequel to the 1995 comedy classic. 

Friday saw rapper Ice Cube in his first comic role as Craig Jones and documented one day in the life of the teen and his friend Smokey (Chris Tucker). 

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2000s Next Friday and 2002’s Friday After Next followed the same format albeit with higher stakes. 

In May 2018, a video surfaced appearing to show Ice Cube and Mike Epps on set together. 

Epps played Day-Day in the franchise’s two sequels. 

It features the pair chatting and joking around on set, just as Craig and Day-Day did all those years ago.

The movie’s working title is rumoured to be Last Friday, which suggests that the whole narrative could be in flashback – a first for the series

We working!!

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