Have you sold your car, your shares and all your other property converted to cash as you prepare for the journey of no return to Canada?

I strongly advise that you sit and read this story to the end before you buy that ticket to America en-route your targeted destination.

"We do not support people who run from Nigeria to America. Stay for a short period of time then they walk to the Canadian border".

That's according to the Canadian Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen.

He was speaking in Lagos on the need for Nigerians to show more respect for Canada's immigration policies which has been quite beneficial to both countries.

"We have given 55,000 resident temporary visas, 22,000 Nigerian students are there, 5,000 skilled workers have been approved to go and work in Canada from Nigeria permanently."

The point is there is no need to walk in illegally when the front door is still open.

Here are 4 things that will happen on arrival at Canada's border as a "self-acclaimed asylum seeker".

1. You will be arrested

It's quite simple. You were not expected or invited into their territory. So, there won't be a welcome party but stern faces and security operatives.

Until proven innocent and legitimate, you will be seen as a criminal for committing the crime of intrusion.

You have broken a law by getting through the border in the first place. You have also stepped on Canadian soil without any formal documentation.


2. Undergo security screening

You will be considered a threat to the society until proven otherwise.

Your biometrics will be collected and background checks on your profile, personality and global activities will be conducted to attain your true status.

If you are considered a threat to society, you will be moved to a detention centre from where you will be prosecuted in line with the rule of law before being removed from Canada. 

3. You will get fair hearing

After the security checks are conducted and your slate is clean, you will get a chance to be heard by relevant authorities.

You will be allowed to make a case on why and how you managed to get within the Canadian territory.

There won't be duress as international laws are adhered to as stipulated by the United Nations but an attempt to mislead the Canadian government and its officials is considered a breech of law.

4. You must prove your refugee status

Getting across the border does not guaranty a free ticket to stay in Canada.

You will be identified as a refugee who is in need of help. If you fail to prove your refugee status, you will be removed from Canada.

In case you do not know. A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster.

If you do not fall into any of these categories of distress, you will be identified and made to face the law.

Speaking specifically on the nature of Nigerians that walk to the Canadian border seeking refugee status, the minister said;

"We feel that a good number of these people are well to do. 

"They have enough money to buy a plane ticket to the United States. They have enough financial foundations to get a US Visa. 

"So we feel that those individuals, some of them are professionals. They could come to Canada through the regular channels. We are an open country. 

"We support immigration. We think it's a good thing. There is this myth that maybe jumping the border and claiming asylum is an easier way. IT IS NOT," Hussen added.

So, you may want to rethink all the money you are about to spend on this journey to Canada because it might just be futile.