Let’s be honest – some girls deliberately go all out seeking married men to date, probably because a lot of them have deeper pockets than single guys or just for the thrill of having a man that belongs to another woman.

But then again, there are some ladies who don’t want to have anything to do with married men for obvious reasons. Sadly though, some of these careful babes still fall prey to scheming men who conveniently forget to mention the fact that they are someone’s husband.

Here are some ways to know if your latest squeeze is hitched already.
1. He only calls you at odd hours: He either calls you late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. These odd hours are actually the only time he can give you his undivided attention probably because his wife and kids are asleep, so they won’t hear him. And he wouldn’t dare call you during his work hours lest any of his colleagues accidently find out what he’s up to. 

2. He avoids taking photos with you: Because this is the social media age and every picture is a potential online post. To avoid been ousted, he will come up with flimsy excuses like, “I hate taking pictures,” or “I am not photogenic”. Auntie, issa lie o. He doesn’t want you to share a photo of two of you online before someone would recognize him and blow the whistle on him.

3. You never get to visit him at home: You guys are always hanging out at your place or some fancy restaurant or having occasional hookups at a hotel. While it may seem sweet that he’s always taking you out and spending ‘quality time’ with you at your crib, you need to find out the real reason you can’t just randomly visit him at home. And don’t even believe it if he says he’s squatting with a friend or his apartment is being remodeled. Go see for yourself.

4. He never discusses the future with you: Your conversations are never deep enough to include future plans. He never tells you of his plans for the next 2 or 5 years. Your conversations are literally empty because you’re just his sidepiece. Sorry!

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