When two persons are united in marriage, of a truth the "two become one".

That may be the case of the wife of the Senate President, Toyin Saraki, whose husband has also been invited by the police for questioning over Off robbery. 

Mrs Saraki had taken to her social network page to raise alarm over what she called "unseemly contretemps".

Several issues have been raised since one of the robbers of a bank in Offa, Kwara State, claimed he was Senator Bukola Saraki's thug that holds a part of the state for him. 

That claim had been followed with other claims that had dragged the wife of the Senate President into the matter. 

But she is saying the police should get off her back, identifying faults in the claim of the police on the vehicles that laid siege on the house of the Senate President on Tuesday.  

She started her tweet with the fault she found with the claims of the spokesman for the police on national television. 

"Dear Channels Television and Sunrise Daily Now, I am absolutely flabbergasted by the Nigeria Police Force's Jimoh Moshood on TV attempting to claim that these white vehicles that blockaded the road outside our Abuja residence could possibly be "protection provided to the Wife of the Senate President" !

She shared the image of the vehicles that were in front of her home in Abuja. 

Saraki's wife and police

Mrs Saraki then identified one of the police vehicles to be part of the cars that were donated to the police force by the chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote. 

"Firstly I have never received any vehicle from the Nigeria police.

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"Secondly, I believe these vehicles bear a striking resemblance to cars donated by my dear brother, Aliko Dangote. 

"I hope DSP Jimoh Moshood can leave me out of this unseemly contretemps. Thank you!

toyin Saraki wife and police

There were also two images in her post with some markings drawing comparison between two clothes and individuals in the images. 

recharge card gift

One was that of the Off robbers and the other was Saraki's wife. The person that posted the image had in the caption claimed that the suspected robber was at a function with the Senate President and his wife.

toyin Saraki wife and police
toyin Saraki wife and police

She accused the police of doing nothing to address what she described as 'circulated falsehood'.

"It was bad enough that I was forced to endure a mass invasion of my privacy, with the mis-identification of a guest at a private family occasion, falsely, as one of the Offa Bank Robbery suspects. The Police did nothing to correct this widely circulated falsehood," she added.

The Senate President had alleged that the ruling party was using the police to frustrate defection plans that started on Tuesday, but he also emphasised that the truth shall prevail in the case.

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