She never nags. She never complains. She is never jealous and does not need you to buy her Brazilian hair.

She doesn't need to empty your bank account just to go for endless shopping and she’ll never want to meet your parents.

But most importantly, she will never be afraid to try new sex positions and is always in the mood to solve 'bedmatics' in 'za oda room'

However, there is one glitch – she's neither real nor the woman of your wildest dreams - she runs on rechargeable batteries.

She is in fact a sex toy or a sex robot, depending on the depth of your pocket.

Sex dolls have been around for a very long time.

They have evolved from blow-up, balloon-like, sex companions to more humanoid sex machines that come with sensors that react to touch and  have programmable personalities.

The more contemporary dolls and robots are part of the lucrative sex technology industry, which has an estimated worth of around 11 trillion Naira.

Even at 800,000 Naira the sex doll with its large thighs, breasts and buttocks has started exciting some Nigerian men to the annoyance of many women.

While some of these men share their dreams of owning one in the coming months, others have come out to condemn, even the thought of replacing women with sex dolls or sex robots.

Some of the reasons they feel Nigerian men would not go for a sex doll, is because, it cannot have intelligent conversations, it cannot kiss or give blowjobs, it cannot cook and a Nigerian man cannot show off a sex doll as his girlfriend to his friends.

Another problem of the sex doll running on electricity, is that when there is power outage and fuel scarcity at the same time (it happen quite often), the sex doll will not function.

Well 'oyinbo' people have succeeded in 'falling the hands' of critical Nigerians again, because of a soon-to-be-launched new sex robot named Harmony.

Produced by the company ROBOTIX, Harmony can moan, call your name during sex, and can even climax during sex, like a real human being.

Because she uses artificial intelligence(AI), she can store information, have intelligent conversations, and even wink. The owner can even install new language accents on her and get her to speak in any accent, including Igbo Yoruba or even Hausa accent.

So nay-Sayers have nothing left to say.

This will encourage everyone who can afford to spare 800,000 Naira in Nigeria to get one sex doll, for when their wives and girlfriends are doing plenty 'shakara'.

For now the sex doll will be easily affordable to oil workers, top managers, and big business men.

But when China steps in to replicate the technology or Igbo traders catch the 'bug' and start importing the second hand sex dolls, the price will eventually drop, but the sex dolls might start having more malfunctions.

sex doll

Just ask Karess Lawary, who went on Facebook to rant after the sex doll he spent so much to buy, broke before he was done enjoying the money he spent on it.

He broke the doll while he was trying to get it to bend in different positions during sex, and 'accidents' like this will become common as the price drops.

The sex doll scare will definitely make Nigerian women reduce their 'shakara'.

Even though there are male versions of the sex dolls, a manufacturer, RealDoll, estimates that fewer than 5 percent of its customers are women.

Since most of the patrons of sex dolls are men, this cannot be disconnected from the glaring gender inequality that exists, as these dolls help objectify women as nothing more than sexual beings.

Hinting on how these kind of products have reduced women to breasts, buttocks and a vagina, and may  even encourage discriminatory and sexual abuse against women.

Women have more value in society than warming a man's bed or meeting up with his sexual fantasies.

sex doll