"I be hot babe, na guys they rush me"

Sex is sweet. Many have almost turned it to food they must eat everyday, with most carried away by the inexplicable feeling they derive at climax level.

Some have lost dignity, as they gradually become sex objects. 

But a beauty queen thinks there is more to the make up of a girl or lady (as they prefer to be addressed sometimes) than just sex. 

Chioma Obiadi, is the immediate past Miss Nigeria and she has an advice for young girls in Nigeria who may have unknowingly become sex objects in the hands of their partner, grinding daily in ecstasy. 

"Flaunt your gender with dignity to protect yourself against being used as sex objects," she says.

Obiadi has devoted her time to to her “Green Girl” project that highlights the essence of upholding the dignity of the female gender.

She says it is wrong for young girls and women to be seen as sex objects by the men folks in the society.

"It is totally degrading and terrible.

"Those men who see girls as sex objects are opportunists who capitalise on the weakness of female gender and use it for their selfish interests,” she said.

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According to her, many girls fall victims out of desperation for wealth or positions which can be avoided through self-development and achievement.

'Not Good Representation'

The 24-year-old beauty queen reminded girls that their bodies were meant to be the temple of God which must not be defiled but accorded some respect.

Chioma, a Geography student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra, frowned at the manner some girls threw themselves at men who capitalised on their weaknesses.

“It is really disheartening to see the way some of our girls flaunt themselves on men just to get one favour or the other from them.

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“Those who go into such acts are not good representation of the female gender and as such I advise ladies to display serious mindedness.

“There is no situation you cannot overcome through self-achievement, no need to look for short cut with selling of your God made temple, we must stop it,”she said.

She noted that if ladies could carry themselves with dignity, no man would be able to abuse them or bastardised their womanhood.

“In all of these, I think women should say ‘no to nudity’ and then the men would have no choice than to follow suit in maintaining a sane relationship with women,” the News agency of Nigeria quoted her as saying. 

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