Wonders they say shall never end, and indeed there is nothing we won’t see on Twitter Nigeria.

The social media app has unofficially become the ‘outing’ place where spited lovers expose their cheating partners, or angry ‘side lovers’ call out their two-faced baes. It’s literally the ‘lit-est’ place to harvest juicy gossip and all kinds of news around the world.

As always, everybody was minding their own business on the streets of Twitter some days ago when one guy posted a tweet about how he was confused with the mindset of a lady he has been having some sort of sexual situationship with. Nobody fully understood what he meant until he shared screenshots of his WhatsApp chats with the lady in question. 

Apparently, she’s a married woman who hangs out with him every now and then whenever they need to get down and dirty. But here’s the thing though, they have done everything else but haven’t had full blown genital sex. That is, there hasn’t been any penis and vagina action yet.

According to the chats, the guy wants to go all the way but the lady doesn’t, because she is married and in her words, “I don’t want to cheat on my husband.” Which sounds really weird because that’s what she’s been doing anyways. But she claimed that although she has given the guy a blowjob and received same from him, the fact that they haven’t had penetrative sex means she isn’t cheating. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

Well, news flash! Whether you are engaging in foreplay only or giving and receiving head, all of that is sex too. Foreplay and oral sex are done to elicit sexual pleasure, and some people actually have orgasms while at it. So how can you say that isn’t sex?

This is why sex education is very important because it will help you know what sex is really about. And also, the moment you conceive a sexual thought towards someone else other than your partner, you are already cheating. Infidelity starts from the mind, because your thoughts inspire your actions.


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