If you love Apple devices, get ready for 3 new models that the top OEM will be releasing in 2019.

The new models include a successor to the struggling XR, the lower priced 2018 device with a liquid-crystal display that has fallen short of Apple’s sales expectations, people familiar with the matter said.

Apple plans to introduce some new camera features like a triple rear camera for the highest-end model and a double rear camera for the two other models, the people said.

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Such cameras have multiple lenses that offer better-quality photos.

Apple unveiled its 2018 iPhones in September 2018. The iPhone XS is a direct successor to the iPhone X from 2017 and comes with an OLED screen and slimmed-down bezels around its display.

The iPhone XS Max is the largest handset Apple has ever launched with a 6.5-inch screen. The iPhone XR is Apple’s budget model and comes with an LCD screen and thicker bezels around its screen.

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