2Face Idibia has threatened to sue Blackface.

In the letter issued by the musician's lawyers to his former band-mate, Blackface was given a 7-day ultimatum to apologize or be sued.

The letter also warned Blackface not to make any additional defamatory statement against 2Baba.

Blackface, whose real name is Ahmedu Augustine had earlier accused Innocent Idibia of intellectual property theft.

Blackface said he is suing because he is yet to receive compensation for writing the hit song - African Queen.

In an earlier interview he granted online he said “2face sang my song (Let Somebody Love You) and featured an American artiste, Bridget Kelly.

"His manager published it without my permission. Till today they haven’t deemed it fit to tell the world that they tried to assassinate my character in the media but that couldn’t be justice and they know. 

"So, the court is our only option as they keep avoiding meetings thinking that with time it will all fade off. But, they know not what tomorrow holds and neither do I.”