The Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, Usani Uguru Usani, was on Saturday indefinitely suspended by the Cross River State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The party has also recommended that the national executive of the party expels the Minister.

The decision followed a conclusion arrived by the state working committee and ratified by an enlarged working committee of the party held at the party’s Secretariat in Calabar.

“We had an emergency meeting of the state working committee that had to do with the indiscipline of members which is fueled by the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs. It had to do with the formation of caucuses across the state. The state working committee took a resolution, which was accepted by the state executive committee for the indefinite suspension of the minister for Niger Delta Affairs,” said John Ochala, the party's chairman.

“With the powers invested on the state working committee, we had no choice but to invoke the tenets of the constitution which is the suspension of the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs and recommend his expulsion to the national level,” Ochala said.

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Usani used to be the chairman of the APC in Cross River state before he was tapped by Pres. Buhari to be minister.

Ochala, who was his deputy, then became party chairman. But the two men have not gotten along with each other reportedly due to Usani’s continuous meddling in the affairs of the party in the state.

Why the Cross River APC suspended Usani:

According to the chairman, Usani was alleged to have been conducting illegal meetings contrary to article 21 of APC constitution, thus promoting divisions among members of the party.

Usani was also alleged to have been sponsoring a rival chairmanship aspirant to displace Ochala so he could use him for the 2019 elections.

Ochala was in the company of the South-south Vice Chairman, Ntufam Hilliard Eta, when he made the announcement. Initially, the announcement was to be made at the party secretariat, but supporters of the minister got violent by attacking members and journalists present while accusing the party of being unfair to the minister.

Usani's suspension comes after the Benue Chapter of the party called for the resignation of another Buhari's Minister, Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan Ali.

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