Secret agents and sources are everywhere and you can call this; one of such exposé from an INSIDER, even though I am outside the caucus.  

I listened to a man called Osadebe, a popular high-life musician in the East, whose songs 'are' full of adages and lessons of life that people should learn.

In a song he said 'when two men are in contest of a land, another man who had a yam will be busy planting".

This is deep and it has a lesson Nigerians should learn. If we are in strive, the kind we have in the most populous nation in Africa between the man from the north and the other from the east, between the government and a monster they created - Boko Haram, other nations that are at peace will be progressing. 

Look at the situation in the northeast and how a set of people from the north have consistently allowed our leaders to feast on the nation, carting away from the nation, funds in disguise of purchase of arms, the one that Dasuki is facing trial for.

How can Boko Haram be tougher than our nation?

When I was younger, I listened to Fela and I heard how sad things had become and what the future holds, even though we are sitting on it already.

Is Boko Haram stopping us from fortifying our borders if the president had said they were foreigners? No! They are not.  Has the border thing ever been talked about as much as they talk about buying arms? Another no, I suppose. Hmmmm, you are seeing clearly already.

Are these states that have been opened to terrorists in the northeast bigger than the rest of Nigeria, that we cannot speak with one voice when it comes to chasing the terrorists out?  You know the answer.

An Igbo man like me will say "ahh. Na them know, as far as them no carry the wahala come to my area na them sabi". Something similar to what another individual from the southwest and other regions of Nigeria where Boko Haram or bandits cannot perform its attacks will also say. 

People in those areas will never fall so low to sacrificing their lives for a course that is like the one Boko Haram is pursuing.  

A sad situation for a nation that says it is a federation.

"Fela saw the future," is something that everyone that compared the situation in Nigeria now with what 'Fela' sang about would say.

What Future?

The one where the people will be suffering and smiling is what I will love to talk about and open your eyes to who Fela actually called Zombie.

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Ehen! Have you heard of a 24-hour light in 50% communities in Nigeria? No! that only happens in my dream. 

Okay if you never hard light for such number of hours, then that was one area used in scamming you in time past. Remember that some persons have spent billions on power and still not even one-week light was celebrated even when other nations around us are celebrating years of constant power.

What did you do when you heard the news of billions spent? Nothing, like me, abi? Rather, you talk about it in your secret places. Even the government chasing corruption is running around that issue like a man runs around a 'pepper tree' and never climbs it to collect it s fruits that tortures man some times. 

Move away from it, another $1 billion is going into insurgency tackling and nothing seems to be different from what we heard before the 2015 general election and what we are hearing now. 

The ruling party, like that of Goodluck Jonathan, has blamed the opposition for sabotaging its security system. Was there a system in the first place? 

Who knows if they have drawn the $1 billion Naira voted last year ahead of elections like the PDP government did in the time of Jonathan.

Recycling is our job. Copy and paste is our lot and if you say it is a lie, ask the Yahoo Boys who still throw formats what they use? 

Remember also that the former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, had claimed weeks ago that the money was already walking into people's pockets and sponsoring campaigns. 

Talking About Justice

Everyone knows that the earlier people are tried, with judgement passed, the better it is for evidence not to be destroyed, but people will keep Dasuki until every evidence had disappeared.

Have you not seen cases quashed by courts for want of evidence? How often do you hear that happen in countries that are moving forward?

Have you not seen someone that aided an alleged fraud appear as a witness against a person being tried for corruption and also confess to have aided a crime, but was not arrested after that confession by the police in court?

Ask Obanikoro, I am sure he knows something about this my story.

You said I stole and I said your friend gave me the item, you let your friend walk free while I stand trial? Mba nu Adigh eme ya eme (No! That does not happen, the translation to that statement in igbo reads). 

It is only a judge that is partisan that will sentence the man standing trial when the one that gave the fraud money is walking free. Our constitution says the giver and the receiver are equally guilty

What did you do after that incident happened? Nothing again! Ah Ah, please, ‘no lose for all the questions o'. If you do, you have just passed a zombie test, because all a zombie does is follow-follow and does not decide to do something by himself or ask questions.

Fela actually called the smiling and suffering Nigerians zombie and not soldiers, as many thought.

What is a soldier supposed to do, obey commands and protect the nation right? You brag with having the best army in Africa. Yes! Your soldiers take front-line in Peace Keeping, bringing crisis in African nations to a halt.

This means they actually obey commands. 

But back home, they have not manned up because they do not have equipment, yet billions are voted for equipment every now and then.

If you like, have all the degrees in this world, without an impeccable leadership spirit you are going nowhere, scholars have said.

Get all the training in this world as a solder, without equipment, small number of persons like members of Boko Haram, which the government claimed came from other nations to trouble Nigeria (you believed abi?) will continue to trouble it in gorilla war.

Where are all our monies going? If there will be videos of military men, claiming to be Nigerians, pushing an armoured vehicle , then we are in danger of another round of 'looting recycling'. 

Could someone had taken this video before now and kept it till now? A side of the story you should also consider.

What have you done? Nothing. You want more evidence to know who has been seriously 'zombied' under the control of the very few in government?    

The same way they said Colonel Dasuki and others allegedly shared arms money, that is the same road we are apparently walking again. 

If actually, troops had equipment, why do they have to leave the roads of Borno from 5:30 p.m. and leave the people to their fate. Something I saw when I travelled to Borno.  Common tools to see Boko Haram approaching as darkness falls, they do not have. 

This is why the terrorists attack only at night or early hours of the morning before the soldiers return.    


In Beinishiek was an IDPs camp when I visited and some of the IDPs told me they knew who members of Boko Haram were. People shared stories about how members of the terrorists group come and enlisted their children and husband.

Their children and husbands are the ones joining the group and not foreigners like 'Baba Go Slow' claim.

Baba is old and a lot has change. Even his video recorded in Delta State, had showed this, even though it was subdued. 

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He called another man the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and again Senatorial Candidate, (not being able to correct himself if the first blunder was an error) and then moved further down south to give a wrong name to a nomenclature.

"Governortorial." Ah-ah, who does that?

Baba’s slowness is showing so much now to the extent that even when NTA took him on a one-on-one, he could barely hear some questions and that was the reason he responded the way he did to some questions. 

It is another reason that many heaped Baba's unwillingness to engage in a debate.

Not a bad one for Baba whose age has gone down so much, but for a nation who is getting close to a time of election with the old man as one of the major contenders, it could be a bad omen.

They are dragging him on, against advises that he should go and rest, and sweet power has kept Baba salivating.

So many of us know this truths about Baba’s age and the impact it will have in the service he will deliver as a leader., but we are shouting his name on the street and on social media. 

If the foundation is weak, what can the righteous do? 

People could vote for his dead body if it had a chance to contest, that I have also heard on the streets. 

Even when it is gradually becoming obvious that he is aging and may now be under the control of other stronger men, ruling from the back-door, people still preach of his second coming almost like that of Jesus Christ.  

Remember that President Buhari's wife, Aisha, had raised alarm concerning a certain set of jackals. Have the jackals all eased their grip on the the man Buhari? I don't know.

Who knows what caused her alleged illness that she had to embark on another medical tour her family is known for.

I don't know how true these things are but I know that Baba can hardly talk without Osinbajo being his shadow. 

It is a sad and precarious situation that the nation has found itself, as these men from the back-door drag Nigeria around the mounting of corruption over and over.

Who will rule us for the next four years? It is in our hands to choose, but it appears that the north will decide that. You know they have the number right? Even under age voting has been reported there by observers. 

We also know that when it comes to getting freedom from poverty, educating the mind, whether formal or informal, has a great role to play.  

Boko Haram has set the hand of time back in the region, as children walk the streets in fear, with places of education more dreadful than the streets.  

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Nigeria is the capital of poverty and one of the Presidential candidates in the last debate, said the North East Region was the capital of poverty in Nigeria which has over 40$ of its citizens poor.

I am sure you know about this situation that Mama Naija sung like it was our anthem before she threw in the towel. 

They have been deprived of education from time, with men getting married as teens and women giving birth at 12.

While NGOs and the media are preaching against early marriages and the figures are coming down, another evil that deprives people in the region of education is growing and waxing strong.

Several military men have been killed between November and now, by Boko Haram splinter group (ISWAP) which has an affiliation with ISIS.

You know these things, but what have you done?

Nothing again? Hmmmmmmm.

Election is drawing near and we are the only ones to decide if we will continue in this tango dance around the mountain or move forward.

I rest my case, but the bright future we seek for our children will be far if these people in the north 'will' remain uneducated.