If you think obtaining nomination forms will be cheaper than what it was before 2015 general elections, you may just have to think twice and be prepared for more expenses this time.  

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is set to consider a proposed budget of 14.82 billion Naira for its activities in 2018.

It was presented as a memo by the party's National Executive Committee to the National Caucus of the party.

The budget was distributed to members of the party’s caucus at the last meeting held on Monday in Abuja.

According to the party, the budget, which was prepared by the party’s National Treasurer, Bala Gwagwarwa, explained that out of this fund, the party hopes to acquire a National Secretariat at the cost of 1.96 billion Naira and spend 1.3 billion Naira on convention.

The budget also proposed 400 million Naira for election expenses and 500 million Naira to procure vehicles.  Other expenses include: Grants to states/zones; 400 million Naira, membership registration; 25 million Naira, women/ youth activities; two million Naira, legal costs; two million Naira, and 2.48 billion Naira was earmarked for reimbursement to states and zones.


The party said it intended to finance this budget largely from the nomination fees, fundraising, levies on elected and appointed office holders and the sale of party membership cards.

The memo read in part: “Looking ahead of 2018 which is an election year budget, a lot of activities ranging from the organisation of congresses/ primaries, conventions, sensitisation meetings and campaigns are expected.

“The budget must inevitably have to be robust, flexible and capable of being implemented. Baring this in mind, a budget of 14.82 billion Naira as shown in the Annexure 2 is being proposed.

“The main sources of income for the 2018 budget are nomination fees (5.86 billion Naira), fundraising (3.45 billion Naira), membership dues (4.2 billion Naira), sales of party cards (1.0 billion Naira), and levies on Elected/Appointed Office holders (0.304 billion Naira).”

 “On the expenditure side, the major items are: Acquisition of national secretariat (1. 96 billion Naira), conventions (1.3 billion Naira), media /publicity (one billion Naira), election expenses (0.4 billion Naira), vehicles (0.05 billion Naira), grants to states/zones (0.4 billion Naira), membership registration (0.2 billion Naira), reimbursements to states and zones (2.48 billion Naira)".

“In order to ensure funding stability and respectable budget implementation, membership contribution has been identified as crucial.”

“Accordingly, a framework to deploy electronic payment system that assures convenience, transparency and ease of reconciliation of payment has been designed.”

“This system allows the use of airtime to pay the monthly N100 membership dues by members while bigger payments can be transacted through banking channels customised for the party in all banks.” 

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“This system has been substantially completed except for the negotiation of the revenue sharing formula between the party and the telecoms companies whose platform will be used in collecting the payment and regulatory impediments will soon be resolved, which will substantially support the party’s on-going discussions on revenue sharing formula with the telecoms companies.”

The treasurer explained in the memo that due to the difficulty faced by the party with its planned engagement of telecoms firms to ease the collection of fees, it has engaged the services of “System Spec (Remita)” as an alternative channel for collection of membership fees and hopes this would be inaugurated soon.

“Based on the membership strength of about 10 million and 35 per cent success in collection of membership fees, we are confident that this system will provide sustainable funding for the party," the statement also read.

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