The national leader of the the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu has disagreed with President Muhammadu Buhari over the status of aggrieved members of the party who went to court.

President Buhari said aggrieved members of the party are free to go to court if they feel cheated during the primaries.

According to Buhari, the court should "always be the last resort for the dissatisfied".

He therefore urged members of the party who feel displeased to approach the court for redress.

“We can’t deliberately deny people of their rights. We agreed that party primaries should be conducted either through direct, indirect or consensus methods, and if anyone feels unjustly treated in the process, such a person can go to court. The court should always be the last resort for the dissatisfied. For the party to outlaw the court process is not acceptable to me.”

However, Tinubu on Monday countered the President’s position.

Speaking during a meeting of party members in Lagos, Tinubu said any member of the party who has a case against the party in court is no longer a member of the APC.

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While admitting that some people may be aggrieved over the outcome of the primary, he said they should accept that the party is supreme.

“ Any member of APC who presently has a case against the party concerning the primary elections is no longer a member of the party”, Tinubu said in Yoruba.

“When  more than two people are aspring for the same position, people should know that there would be losers”.

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